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Global Map of UBI Networks

• You may search this map by “Name of the Network”, “Country”, or “City” by clicking the appropriate category in the upper left hand corner of the map.

• Zoom with the plus (+) and minus (-) signs.

• Where each green marker shows a network, the names of the networks are not visible until you click on a green marker.

• Click on a marker to reveal more information on the network.

• You can choose map style in the upper right corner (Street, Terrain, Satellite, or Hybrid).

• This 'Global Map of UBI Networks’ has been developed under the umbrella of ‘Worldwide Meetings of UBI Advocates and UBI Networks’. The related working group, WG #51, is composed of; Hannes MEHRER (Germany), Ali Mutlu KÖYLÜOĞLU (Turkey), and Peter KNIGHT (USA and Brazil).


• Not only networks with the sole purpose of advocating UBI, but also all organizations (networks, foundations, platforms, political parties, working groups within political parties, societies, study groups, etc.), that advocate for-UBI are also very welcome.

• To participate in the ‘Global Map of UBI Networks’, please fill in the details of your network through the ‘Google Form’, using this link. (please click here.)

• Please also consider inviting other UBI Advocates and UBI Networks to participate in the map project. Thank you!

• The first version have been released on 15th of September, 2020, during the 13th International Basic Income Week. The URL of the map and html code for embedding it on websites were and will be shared widely through,, and via social media. The maps will be updated as additional networks provide their data, but the URLs and html code will remain constant.

please click here; for the “clustered“ version of the map.

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